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Alchemy Kitchen, Lab and more
These are the rooms in your headquarter

In this article, we'll show you the first rooms of the Spirit Hunter Mansion and which items you can craft there. It will help you with your spirit hunts and to defeat the villains from the spirit world.

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Teaser for Soul Helix AR

Energy weapons
These lamps will help you catch ghosts

With energy weapons you can distract and confuse spirits - this can be very useful if you want to catch them. We introduce you to the first three weapons.

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Sneak a first peek at the adventure map!

Soul Helix AR
Learn more about the Story behind the Game

What is Soul Helix, who is Coronos and how can I help saving the world? We’re answering your questions about the magical world of Soul Helix AR.Continue Reading →

Crowbars and Saltguns
The Spirit Hunter’s Arsenal

In our last article we have shown you which vessels are used to catch the spirits. But what if it comes to a fight with the creatures? In order to prepare you for that we present the Spirit Hunter Arsenal to you today.

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DevDiary #4
Creating Coronos

Canopic Jars
How to catch evil Spirits with ancient Vessels

After you have become a member of the Spirit Hunter Society with Soul Helix AR, you can support the community by hunting spirits and sealing rifts. But do you know how to catch a ghost and what ancient canopic jars have to do with it?

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Questions & Answers
Check our Closed Alpha FAQ

Do you have questions regarding the Closed Alpha of Soul Helix AR? Here you can find all important information about registration, rewards, system requirements and a lot more.Continue Reading →

The Adventure Map
Explore your area from a new perspective

After having presented the Soul Helix AR Headquarters to you in the previous article, we'd like to introduce the Adventure Map today.

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Soul Helix AR
They’re already here …

"From the dark expanses of the universe, a dark force rises, one that feeds on our fears. Restless souls and cruel demons tear up the veil of our world and settle in our cosy homes - becoming stronger and more dangerous every day." Soul Helix AR

Soul Helix AR
Make yourself at home in your personal Headquarters!

In the last blog post we were introducing the spirit hunt. Another feature of the game is the Soul Helix headquarters. You can play this part of the game alone and enjoy the game from the comfort of your couch.

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Soul Helix AR
These evil Creatures are waiting for you…

In this article you’ll get an overview of the different types of malevolent creatures that exist in the world of SoulHelix AR and which you might be encountering.Continue Reading →

Soul Helix AR
Join the Hunt for Evil Ghosts!

You can experience a lot in the Augmented Reality Mobile Game Soul Helix AR. You can play outside or on the couch, together with your friends or alone. With the secret society, you will join the Spirit Hunt...

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DevDiary #3
Monster Workshop: Textures and Illusions

The character is now modeled, but now a less complex 3D model is required for a smooth in-game performance. The required steps also facilitate texturing and animation of the character.

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DevDiary #2
Monster Workshop: A Character takes Shape

In our monster factory articles we want to show you how characters and game objects are created for Soul Helix AR - from 2D pencil drawings to 3D modeling and the finished textured and animated characters.

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DevDiary #1
First Steps to Soul Helix AR: Making a Paper Prototype

A paper prototype is a simple and effective first version of a mobile app, website or other product with a user interface that requires no programming or digital design. We tested the method for a first draft of Soul Helix AR.

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