With the videoclip “Creating Coronos” we want to share another brief insight into our SoulHelix AR monster workshop with you! 🏭

In this video, the head of Coronos, is being 3D-sculpted in timelapse.🏃‍♀️ At first his face, then the crown – which is made of bones – and a hood that disguises Coronos’ face a little.

Creating Coronos, the Spirit Lord

The spirit lord is a demonic dragon warrior whose reptile-like left body half is covered with scales. His name is a combination of the Latin words for crown (corona) and bone (os) – he is the bearer of the Bone Crown of the spirit world. As a king, he might be one of the more difficult spirits to fight against. Are you prepared for that?

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In the links below you can find some more articles on the game development process, from 3D-Modeling to Texturing as well as Prototyping.

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