From the dark expanses of the universe, a dark force rises, one that feeds on our fears. Restless souls and cruel demons tear up the veil of the Soul Helix World and settle in our cosy homes - and they become stronger and more dangerous every day...

An Augmented Reality Spirit Hunt

Don't worry - soon all of us humans will be able to unite and hunt down these supernatural invaders together! Soul Helix AR is a creepy ghost-hunting mobile game with which you can experience augmented reality in a never seen before coop mode.

Once you've defeated a ghost together with your friends, you can capture it with a special spirit vessel - and every spirit entity is unique! Furthermore, you have your own headquarters and an adventure map which helps you find crafting materials.

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In our Soul Helix AR Blog you can read our regular updates about the game and our game studio DoubleSpark Entertainment. You'll find information about the world of Soul Helix AR and its creepy inhabitants and occasional insights into the development of the game, from prototyping to creating 3D models or texturing the characters.

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These are the things you can do in the game

Spirit Hunt

You can hunt the ghosts alone or together with your friends.


Adventure Map

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Energy Weapons

With energy weapons you can stun spirits in battle. Here you can learn more about the different types.

Das Arsenal

These ordinary weapons have been adapted to spirit hunting and blessed with rituals.

Ancient Vessels

In order to catch ghosts, you need a suitable vessel. Especially convenient are these ancient artifacts.

Story of Soul Helix

Enter the world of Soul Helix AR and learn how the dangerous ghost invasion took place.

The Spirits

Closed Alpha FAQ

If you have any questions about the game or the alpha test, our FAQ page will definitely help you.

Exist Logos

The project Soul Helix AR (SH.AR) project was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST start-up scholarship.