Once you are accepted into the ranks of the spirit hunters, you need to be prepared for these evil spirits and monsters which you need to fight against.

Hunt down these evil ghosts and other supernatural beings

On this page you'll get an overview of the different types of malevolent creatures that exist in the world of SoulHelix AR, and which you might be encountering during the spirit hunt or in your headquarters. They also could try to fight you on a walk outside with the Adventure Map.



Or'Mok [ˈɔɐ:mɒk] is an incorporeal spirit. His dark chants are making it very hard for people to stay focused. With his thorns he is injecting a poison that triggers a paralyzing fear.

SpeciesSpecial Attack
IncorporealShadow Thorn

The Black Widow

The Black Widow is a restless soul. These spirits were chosen by Coronos to march into battle for him. When unseen, they siphon off the life force from unaware humans.

SpeciesSpecial AttackAura
Restless SoulPoisoned DaggerFrost
nachtalb - spirits

The Nightmare

The Nightmare is one of Coronos' trusted mercenaries. It haunts people in their sleep, giving them terrible visions and taking their breath away by sitting on their chest. In close combat he attacks with his claws.

SpeciesSpecial AttackAura
DemonHorn SlamNightmare


Audacia [aʊ̯ðˈasia] is a winged Cambion and the right hand of Coronos. She protects the throne and is leading the other Cambions in the invasion of the human world.

SpeciesSpecial Attack
CambionWing FlapMindsteal

The Axe Murderer

The Axe Murderer is another Restless Soul and companion of the Black Widow. Humans with sinister histories evolved into these dreadful creatures.

SpeciesSpecial AttackAura
Restless SoulFiery AxeFrost

The Wendigo

The Wendigo is one of the supernatural beings that is on your side - he is Coronos' most powerful opponent. As a mighty nature spirit who may occasionally appear to assist mankind in their fight against the dark spirits, his goal is to maintain the balance of the two realms.

SpeciesSpecial AbilityAura
Nature SpiritSupportCalm

The Warlock

Warlocks are conjurers that have promised their loyalty to Coronos in a ritual while they were still alive. They convert people to his side, and summon mist horrors.

SpeciesSpecial AbilityAura
ConjurerSummon HorrorsDecay

The Witch

Witches are also conjurers, loyal minions to the bone crown. They curse people, summon insect swarms and magically create dark spheres that bring darkness to the world.

SpeciesSpecial AttackAura
ConjurerSwarm of insectsCurse

Mist Horrors

Horrors are rather annoying spirits which can be summoned by conjurers. They appear in different manifestations depending on which of the elements they emerge from.

SpeciesSpecial AttackAura
Nature SpiritsAcid MistHorror

Lord Coronos

Coronos* [ˈkɔʁɔnɔs] is a demonic dragon warrior who rules over the realm of the spirits. His left half of his body is covered with scales and reptile-like. His name is a combination of the Latin words for crown (corona) and bone (os) - he is the bearer of the Bone Crown of the spirit world.

SpeciesSpecial Attack

* The likeness of this name to a certain virus, which is currently messing up our lives, is actually a coincidence - we had already announced the ghost king by this name last year. Since he is indeed the bad guy, we leave it at that: He deserves it!

How to capture supernatural beings

There are some powerful artifacts with which you can store your captured spirits. Not every vessel is suitable, and a valuable catch should not be able to escape.

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