How to prepare for combat: Introducing the Spirit Hunter's arsenal

Discover the Power of the Salt Gun and Demon Dagger! In our previous article, we explored the vessels used to capture spirits. But what about facing them in combat? Tackle the mastery of the Spirit Hunter's Arsenal as we prepare you for battle, unveiling the essential tools of the trade!

Rookies and their Spirit Hunter Arsenal

You will not be able (or willing) to capture all of the creatures you encounter during a spirit hunt or when taking a walk with the Adventure Map. It is easier to chase them away or defeat them in battle.

You can't use ordinary weapons to inflict physical damage on a ghost - obviously, you need certain Spirit Hunter weapons for that. Here is an overview of the weapons that will be available to you as a newcomer among the spirit hunters.


Merely an improvised weapon and perhaps not the most effective tool against ghosts, but still better than nothing!

Weapon TypeAttack
Blunt Weapon
Rusty swing

Ritual Dagger

This dagger is said to have already helped the legendary Agnes of Roetteln against supernatural intruders.

Weapon TypeAttack
Blade Weapon
Ghost Cut

Demonic Colt

This colt is passed on from spirit hunter generation to generation. Enchanted iron bullets serve as ammunition.

Weapon TypeAttack
FirearmIron Bullet

Salt Gun

Ghosts and demons fear the salt that serves as ammunition for this classic shotgun instead of ordinary bullets.

Weapon typeAttack
FirearmRock Salt

The Crowbar is a classic in the defense against spirits and is part of the spirit hunter's arsenal since the beginning. The large metal rod is normally used as an all-round tool for levering and breaking, but in spirit hunter research it was also discovered as a trivial weapon against ghosts. With iron, supernatural beings can be driven into flight for a short moment and take time to remanifest. That will grant you some extra time in battle before catching the being with a canopic jar.

Be warned: Even if the ghost vanishes after your attack, you can't deal permanent damage to it with a crowbar...

The Spirit Hunter Arsenal: From fire poker to salt gun

The old Ritual Dagger has a dark past that you can make use of as a spirit hunter. It can cut through ghost matter and thus weakens the attacking being considerably.

The Demon Colt is just as effective - it shoots with enchanted ammunition that only harms ghosts and demons. You can produce these in your workshop. The same applies to the Salt Gun. This one shoots salt, which hurts ghosts and demons in particular. So always be prepared with enough salt ammunition!

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