How to catch evil Spirits: Locking them up in ancient Vessels

%posttitleAs a member of the Spirit Hunter Society, you can support the community by hunting spirits and sealing rifts. But do you know how to catch a ghost and what ancient canopic jars have to do with it? 

Precious Artifacts

Besides some rituals and weapons that you can craft at your headquarters, the secret society also has valuable artifacts in its collection that can be used to capture restless souls and demons. These are available to you - depending on how much experience you have already gained as a Spirit Hunter.

Learn how to catch them with the right vessel

The more ancient the jar, the more valuable and effective it is. Therefore, you can only capture particularly strong demons and spirits with certainty using a particularly old vessel. For catching simple, relatively weak restless souls, a simple trapping jar is sufficient.

Canopic jars and other vessels

The vessels are prepared in a ceremony with the Soul Helix spell, so that the creature cannot escape in the long run. The spell is triggered once when the lid of the jar is opened and will draw the spirit in.

At the beginning of the game there will be three different categories of vessels. We have listed them for you.

Simple Ghost Jar

An ordinary, simply made container with a lid of tempered glass. Common ghosts can be locked up and stored in it. It is made from glass and effective agains common spirits.

Antique Urn

Elaborately crafted urn made of bronze or clay with reinforced lid. Can be used for the safekeeping of rare spirits and demons. It's made from clay or bronze and affective also against rare spirits.

Ancient Canopic Jar

Very rare, powerful artifact with sealable lid. Can be used for epic Dragon Warriors and Cambions as well as for other dangerous spirits who must not escape under any circumstances. It is made from alabaster and even effective against epic spirits.

Enhance your Vessels

Depending on what kind of spirit or monster you want to catch, you can still equip the vessels in your alchemy lab at headquarters with the corresponding magic gems.

Magic for improved capturing rates

This will give you an appropriately modified, enchanted vessel that will help you in your hunt. You are then ready for a next level ghost capture!

We will introduce you to the individual gems and also the weapons available to you in battle in one of our next gameplay articles.

Where does the strange term come from?

Almost everyone knows an urn, but what exactly is a Canpic Jar? Here comes an Out-Game Info for you: We took the idea from the burial rites in Ancient Egypt: The organs of mummified corpses were kept in these "jars of entrails".

A collection box for canopic jars

In the tomb of Tutankhamun they found a special chest made of alabaster in which the various vessels for the organs removed during mummification were stored. Often there was even an extra chamber for this canopic box in the tomb. Pretty spooky!

Join the Hunt!

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