Gameplay Feature #3: Explore your area with the Adventure Map

After having presented the Soul Helix AR Headquarters to you in the previous article, we'd like to introduce the Adventure Map today - with this feature, you can see your neighborhood from a whole new perspective!

The adventure map transforms your daily walk

The Soul Helix AR map converts your immediate surroundings into the World of Soul Helix AR. When you open it while going for a walk outside, you can use it to find objects and engage in battles that will help you later on in the game - and prepare you for Spirit Hunting.

Detect World Rifts and seal them

Most importantly, you can recharge the battery of your Energy Weapon by walking around the adventure map, so you'll be ready for more ghost fights. You will also be shown the positions of rifts - cracks in the world's skin through which evil spirits are entering.

You can then seal those with a rift grenade after you have eliminated the ghosts guarding the passage. If there are new rifts in your area, you will be notified by the game.

Find Chests with Precious Contents

During your walk you should also keep an eye out for chests, which the Soul Helix AR head office will deliver to you by drones.

They might contain plants for your alchemical experiments or other resources that you might need to expand your headquarters.

Want to join the adventure?

Would you like to be among the first players to play Soul Helix AR? You can apply for a spot here: Click here to go to the Alpha registration. We're looking forward to your participation! Find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for regular updates.