Gameplay Feature #1: Join the Hunt for Evil Spirits!

You can experience a lot in the Augmented Reality Mobile Game Soul Helix AR. You can play outside or on the couch, together with your friends or alone. With the secret society, you will join the Spirit Hunt... 

You can hunt and catch spirits alone or together with friends. With the help of the spirit radar you can detect the intruders with your smartphone. In this article we would like to introduce you to the spirit hunt.

Hunt Ghosts with your friends

If one of you has discovered a ghost, he or she can transmit its position so that you can all see and fight it in the same place. Of course you can also go on a spirit hunt on your own - it's probably creepier then, however, you'll be rewarded for your brave solo mission.

Weapons and Rituals for the Hunts

You have two different weapons to fight the spirits. First, there are ordinary weapons that are particularly effective against ghosts, such as a crowbar or a rifle with salt ammunition. You can also equip an energy weapon. For example, a heavily modified torch whose light slows down or even freezes the ghost.

In addition, you can perform different rituals. With banishing rituals you can weaken the monsters, with summoning spells you force invisible spirits and demons to manifest. The higher your Spirit Hunter level is, the stronger weapons and rituals you can craft in your headquarters.

Stay tuned for further info

In the upcoming articles we are going to introduce you to the adventure map and the headquarters.

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