How to stun malevolent ghosts: Mastering Energy weapons

Ready to power up your spirit-hunting arsenal? Energy weapons are useful tools in the fight against the spirit invasion - join us as we introduce the first three models and unveil their features in our step-by-step guide.

 With the spirit hunter weapons we introduced to you last time, you can inflict physical damage and destroy ghosts. However, if you want to capture the creature for research purposes, you must distract or confuse your attacker.

For exactly this purpose, the Secret Society of Spirit Hunters has developed energy weapons with which you can keep the creatures from attacking you.

The various energy weapons

At first glance, the devices look like ordinary flashlights, but the developed technology beyond can do much more than light up a creepy room. There are five different levels in total - today we would like to introduce you to the three which will be available to you first, depending on your spirit hunter rank.

If you have earned some credits, you will get an energy weapon upgrade from the Spirit Hunter Central.

Energy Weapon Level 1: LED-Flashlight

An ordinary-looking, pocket-sized mobile LED light source. Brings common ghosts out of their minds, as a certain shade of green is used for the light emitting diodes.

Energy Weapon Level 2: Infrared-Torch

A slightly larger flashlight with infrared light within a certain spectrum, which can also affect the orientation of rare ghosts.

Energy Weapon Level 3: Microwave-Emitter

A spotlight that emits an additional electromagnetic radiation. With this energy weapon you can also stun legendary spirits.

Energy Weapons confuse the Spirits

While conventional spirit hunter weapons draw life energy from the beings, the energy weapons confuse them. The ghosts become disoriented and stop attacking - this is the only way to trap them in a spirit vessel!

If you have already equipped your headquarters with a laboratory, you can examine the creature there and contribute to the secret society's spirit research. Your spirit radar can detect the condition of your enemy - we will demonstrate this device in one of the next gameplay articles. You will then be able to determine the right moment to capture the creature.

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