How to craft essential items: Unveiling the functions of your HQ Rooms

Step into the first rooms of your personal Spirit Hunter Mansion and uncover their functions! Crafting items is key to mastering spirit hunts  and vanquishing otherworldly villains...

Craft useful items in the rooms

For example, in the building you'll be able to build canopic and other trapping jars, manufacture scrolls for banishing and hexing, or brew potions that will heal you after a fight. You'll also find the possibility to expand your arsenal.

Upgrade your rooms through levelups

At the beginning, when you have just moved into your Soul Helix AR headquarters, everything will still be in a relatively poor condition. Gradually, you can then expand your rooms and not only make them more efficient, but also equip them with new furniture and appliances. Here is an overview of the rooms available at the beginning - by the way, the pictures are actual screenshots from the game!

  • Lounge: This is the room where you can hang out and relax. You can also collect regular buffs for your journeys and hunts here. The right place for preparing and recovering!

  • Alchemy Kitchen: Need a fresh elixir? In the alchemy kitchen you can brew magical potions for your next ghost hunt.

  • Laboratory: Ever since the rifts have been opened, astral dust has been entering our world. This spirit dust is being extracted in the laboratory. You can use it for upgrading your captured spirits, for example.

  • Library: In your library you can browse through magical books and educate yourself, but most importantly, produce ritual scriptures for summoning spirits and demons.

  • Workshop: Need improved weapons for combat? In the workshop you can create new spirit weapons, e.g. a salt shotgun or a ritual dagger.

  • Generator Room: The generator room generates the electricity you need for your house.

  • Staircase: A staircase unlocks another floor in your house so you can build more rooms.

Are you as excited as we are to build the first rooms in your headquarters and finally see the Spirit Hunter House in action?

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