Gameplay Feature #2: Make yourself at home in your personal Headquarters!

In the last blog post we were introducing the spirit hunt. Another feature of the game is the Soul Helix headquarters. You can play this part of the game alone and enjoy the game from the comfort of your couch. 

In your spirit hunter house you can prepare for the next hunt, brew potions from collected ingredients, manage the captured ghosts, do genetic experiments and much more.

The house consists of several rooms that can be unlocked and upgraded.

Prepare for the next hunt in the Soul Helix Headquarters

You start off with the lounge. Here you can protect yourself from ghostly intruders and make yourself comfortable while you wait for the next hunt.

When you reach a higher Spirit Hunter level, you can expand your personal Soul Helix headquarters little by little.

There are additional rooms, such as the Alchemy Kitchen, where you can make potions, rift grenades and catching jars using materials collected on the Adventure Map.

You can also experiment in your laboratory, where you can observe and explore your trapped spirits.

Explore new rituals and potions

In the library you can create ritual scriptures. These can be used to summon or banish certain beings from the world of Soul Helix AR.

There is also a workshop, a greenhouse and a generator room. We'll introduce the individual rooms to you in detail in a separate section soon.

Stay tuned, and if you haven't applied as a tester yet, you can do this here: This is the Alpha registration form. We are looking forward to testing Soul Helix AR with you soon!