Finding the magical Spell: The Story of Soul Helix

What is Soul Helix, who is Coronos and how can I help saving the world? We're answering your questions about the magical world of Soul Helix AR and its background story. 

The Story of the Spirit World

Coronos the Spirit Lord

Coronos, wearer of the bone crown and ruler of the spirit world, has sent out demons and spirits to rip open the skin that separates our world from theirs. Some have already made it – hiding in dark corners of our homes, harvesting our life force without being noticed.

People become increasingly tired and weak, they slowly fade away. After their death they become henchmen of Coronos themselves – restless souls. Through this Coronos wants to take over our world completely step by step.

A largely unnoticed invasion

The spirits are not supposed to attract attention in order to harvest as much life force as possible. However, the creatures are not always under control, which occasionally leads to ghost sightings and unexplained deaths.

Benevolent spirits

There are also spirits that live in our world. The Wendigo, a powerful natural spirit, is by no means a friend of the Intruders. From the shadows, he is helping people to close the rifts that have formed.

Our own World

Ignorance is bliss

Apart from the spirit hunters, only a handful of people know of the invisible threat. There are countless stories - books and films  - about horrible creatures from another world, but most people are sure that everything is just fiction. It should stay that way in order to prevent a mass panic.


Magic has existed in the spirit world since ancient times. The first people who could use magic were conjurers. In a moment of extreme suffering, Coronos appeared before them to offer them a pact.

They received magical powers and eternal life, in return they had to serve Coronos and open rifts from this world for him.

Soul Helix

It is a powerful spell developed by the human alchemist Agnes von Roetteln. All spells related to the capture or banishment of supernatural beings are based on this ritual.

With the discovery of Soul Helix, humans were able to study the creatures for the first time. From that, a new kind of magic was developed, which does not require a pact and is directed against these beings.

Cause of the invasion

Already in the dark Middle Ages Coronos tried to conquer our world. At the time, a newly founded secret spirit hunter society fought him back with great effort and cut off his connection to our world with a spell.

However, the alliance never got a hold of its highest conjurer, Ulbrecht Drudenfuß. He searched for hundreds of years for a way to re-establish contact with his master and has now accomplished it.

The Secret Society of Spirit Hunters


The founder of the secret society was the alchemist Agnes von Roetteln. She was also the one who developed and wrote down the powerful spell Soul Helix with the help of spirit magic.

The current chairman of the secret society is a descendant of the magician, Augustin Partelmeß. Each Ghost Hunter maintains his own base camp and is in constant contact with colleagues and the headquarters.


The association acts in secrecy, since no panic should break out among people. Only the highest authorities know where the main headquarters are located. Each member is subject to a confidentiality agreement. This also serves to protect against conjurers.


Some chairmen of universities and powerful private organisations are members of the confederation and contribute to research and funding.

Since the Union is concerned with the general protection of humanity, world politics is not on the agenda – the Organization sees itself as an international association that does not want to differentiate between nations, but rather regards mankind as a unity.

The Spirit Hunt

As soon as you are accepted into the ranks of the ghost hunters, you will receive rituals, weapons and other utensils to fight and capture ghosts.

Either you fight ghosts that attack you at home, or you search outside for rifts to close. You can ask other ghost hunters for help.

Daily business as a Spirit Hunter

Capturing spirits

It may be easier, but it doesn’t make sense to destroy the creatures immediately. You can extract the energy, the energy harvested from the being in the laboratory and experiment with the creatures.

You can also turn them to your side and use them for your own purposes.

Closing rifts

Parascientists of the Federation have developed rift grenades with which it is possible to close the cracks in the skin of the world. Before that you have to defeat their guards first.

Requesting assistance on your travels

Spirit hunters who are out searching for rifts to close are supported by the head office with drones. The position of these supply boxes is marked via GPS.

Your Headquarters

Base camps are located in remote places. As a camouflage from the outside, they look like ordinary houses that hardly anyone would lose their way to. From the inside, however, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Become part of the Story

Join the Crew

You can be involved in saving humanity – the secret society can use any woman and man who can help. Whoever is accepted gets access to unique technology and rituals and is regularly informed about new ghost sightings.

Requirements for prospective hunters

A prospective ghost hunter has to pass the magic proficiency) test successfully, have the ability to keep secrets, handle stress situations well and show team spirit. 😄