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Introducing Our Latest Project: Soul Helix AR Mobile Game

Hey there, future spirit hunters! Ready to take on the next thrilling adventure? Get the inside scoop on our newest endeavor – the soon-to-be-released mobile game Soul Helix AR and witness a sneak peek in our new teaser video...

From the dark expanses of the universe, a dark force rises, one that feeds on our fears. Restless souls and cruel demons tear up the veil of the Soul Helix World and settle in our cosy homes - and they become stronger and more dangerous every day... 

An Augmented Reality Spirit Hunt

Get ready to join forces as we unite against supernatural invaders! Soul Helix AR is an immersive ghost-hunting mobile game that takes augmented reality to new heights with its groundbreaking cooperative mode. Soon, you'll experience the thrill of hunting spirits like never before, together with fellow humans!  🎮✨

After defeating a ghost together with your friends, seize the moment by capturing it with a special spirit vessel – and brace yourself, for each spirit entity is one of a kind! What's more, you'll you have your own headquarters and an adventure map to aid in your quest, guiding you to valuable crafting materials along the way.

Join the Crew!

Want to become one of the first spirit hunters? Embark on your journey now and be among the pioneering players to enter the captivating world of Soul Helix AR! Simply subscribe to our newsletter to get a chance to take part in our Closed Alpha test. This way, you could become one of the first players to gain access to the world of Soul Helix AR!

These are the things you can do in the game

Our latest Game Teaser

Can you spot any of the evil (or not so evil) spirits of Soul Helix AR in this video?

Did you know?

The project Soul Helix AR (SH.AR) project was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST start-up scholarship.